Our Products

Our core values and mindset when it comes to baking and enjoying food is using the best quality ingredients, taking our time and letting the natural yeasts ferment for maximum health benefits & deep flavours and the skill of our baker’s hands, crafting each and every loaf with care. Interested in finding out more about our products? Click below to read more.

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Our Markets

Markets is where the Flour Station identity was truly born with our neighborhood locals and passerby newcomers, keen to buy high quality and delicious sourdough. Today, we are very proud to have 6 markets across London selling a range of products. If you haven’t spotted us already, find your nearest market below on the map.

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Green Market, Bedale Street,
London, SE1 9AL


Euston Station Piazza,

King's Cross

Kings Cross Square, Euston Rd,
London N1 9AP

Parliament Hill

William Ellis School, off Highgate Road,

Queen's Park

Salusbury Primary School, Salusbury Road,
London, NW6 6RR


Top of Walthamstow High Street, London, E17 7JN


About Us

Flour Station began baking in the shadow of London’s most iconic factory building – The Battersea Power Station. Inspired by this industrial powerhouse, the name Flour Station was born and opened its first stall at Borough Market, the epicentre of London’s artisan and quality cuisine.

The journey began in the hands of our bakers and the concept of community and high craftmanship is still at the heart of our brand today.

Craft bread, shaped by hand and baked by experts in London.


Join some of the best restaurants in London who decided to use our high quality and naturally fermented sourdoughs as part of their offering.

We provide wholesale services through our sister company The Bread Factory